Seven Principles of Productive Software Developers(英文演讲)


所属领域: 编程语言

嘉宾 : Sebastian Daschner | IBMJava Developer Advocate

会议室 : 百宴厅3


专题演讲嘉宾:Sebastian Daschner

IBM Java Developer Advocate

Sebastian Daschner is a Java Developer Advocate at IBM, a consultant, author, and trainer. He is the author of the book ‘Architecting Modern Java EE Applications’. Sebastian is participating in open source standardization processes such as the JCP or the Eclipse Foundation, helping forming the future standards of Enterprise Java, and collaborating on various open source projects. For his contributions in the Java community and ecosystem he was recognized as a Java Champion, Oracle Developer Champion and double JavaOne Rockstar. Besides Java, Sebastian is a heavy user of cloud native technologies and anything related to enterprise software. He evangelizes computer science practices on, his newsletter, and on Twitter via @DaschnerS. Sebastian kickstarted the JOnsen and jSpirit unconferences which connect Java developers throughout the globe. When not working with technology, he also loves to travel the world — either by plane or motorbike.

Sebastian Daschner 是 IBM 的 Java 开发者布道师,同时也是一名顾问、作者和培训师。他是《架构现代 Java EE 应用程序》一书的作者。Sebastian 正在参与开源项目标准化进程,例如 JCP 或 Eclipse 基金会, 帮助形成企业级 Java 的未来标准,并在各种开源项目上进行写作。由于他在 Java 社区和 Java 生态中的贡献,他被确认为 Java Champion,Oracle Developer Champion 和 JavaOne Rockstar。除了 Java,Sebastian 也是云原生技术和与各种企业软件相关东西的重用户。他通常会在个人博客(、新闻组和 Twitter(@daschners)上宣传计算机科学实践。Sebastian 启动了 JOnsen 和 JVISE 会议,这些会议连接了全球范围内的 Java 开发人员。当他不从事科技工作时,他还喜欢乘飞机或摩托车环游世界。



演讲:Seven Principles of Productive Software Developers(英文演讲)

When working as a software developer, as well as in any other job, it’s important to be productive and to get things done. You want to focus on what adds value, increase your development speed, and cut out as many of the cumbersome, boring and repetitive tasks as possible.


This session shows seven principles of how to accomplish the goal of being more effective and efficient as a Java developer. These principles include technical as well as self-organizational aspects. We’ll see how to implement them, especially how we can get the most out of our tools, why the invention of the mouse was a setback in productivity, and which mindsets to follow. This talk is not limited to specific tools or technologies yet it’ll provide examples and experiences, and it is brought to you by a German — from the country of efficiency.

本次演讲将为你展示如何成为更有效和更高效的 Java 开发者的七个原则。这些原则包括技术和自我管理方面。我们将看到如何实现它们,特别是如何充分利用我们的工具,为什么鼠标的发明会降低生产力,以及遵循什么样的心态。本演讲不仅包含特定的工具或技术,还将提供示例和经验,这些都将由一位高效的德国人带给你。


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