Scientific and Safe Chaos Engineering(英文演讲)


所属领域: 混沌工程

嘉宾 : Brian Wilcox | LinkedInStaff Site Reliability Engineer

会议室 : 宴会厅2


专题演讲嘉宾:Brian Wilcox

LinkedIn Staff Site Reliability Engineer

A cross discipline engineer and user enthusiast Brian spends most of his time trying to combine the best principles of structural, software and systems engineering into scalable, robust and resilient systems. He’s been working at LinkedIn for the last 5 years and lately focusing on Resilience Engineering and Chaos Validation tools.

Brian 是一个跨学科工程师和实践爱好者,他花了大部分时间试图将结构的最佳原则、软件和系统工程结合到可扩展、健壮和有弹性的系统中。他在 LinkedIn 工作了 5 年,最近专注于弹性工程和混沌工程工具。

专访Brian Wilcox:《混沌工程应成为标配》



演讲:Scientific and Safe Chaos Engineering(英文演讲)

Often chaos engineering is either used as a buzzword to get more VC funding or dreaded as a headache to operators and developers. “We create enough chaos just by releasing software!” But if we can understand the role of Chaos Engineering in regards to Resilience Engineering and take a methodical approach to how we inject system faults, not only will our insights be more actionable but we’ll also be able to build confidence in overall resilience and impact our teams less. In this talk I’ll cover Resilience & Reliability, Resilience & Chaos, focusing on the problem, minimizing your blast radius while also maximizing the insights, monitoring best practices for chaos tests and building enough confidence to test an entire system outage.




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