The Technology Edge in Trading and Finance

所属专题:Morgan Stanley: Enterprise FinTech

会议室 : 百宴厅4


专题演讲嘉宾:Bob Schulz

Managing Director,Head of Algorithmic and Electronic Trading Technology in Asia,Global Lead for Order Routing to Securities Markets @Morgan Stanley Tokyo

Bob Schulz is a Technology Managing Director in Morgan Stanley responsible for Algorithmic and Electronic Trading applications in Asia and order routing to securities markets globally.  He also helps oversee the broader Institutional Securities Technology organization in the Asian region.  Having played a number of roles in firms of all sizes, from developer, to architect, to partner, he has focused his career on pursuing business opportunities and solving business problems with technology in the world of trading and finance.  He has found the ever-changing and competitive world of finance to be a satisfying and rewarding arena for rapid technological advance and application.


演讲:The Technology Edge in Trading and Finance

To be #1 in a trading business, you need to be #1 in technology.  Competition demands continuous focus and innovation.  The pace of change means a never ending set of new problems to solve.  The critical nature of the business and role of finance in the world means risk controls must be best in class and they must keep pace with market change, technological advance and ever faster markets.  I will provide an overview of technology in finance with a focus on low latency trading and risk management, including real world examples of the incredible problems we get to solve as technologists and developers in finance.  I hope you find this informative, thought provoking and alluring.


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