Meshing up Open Platforms for Financial Services(英文演讲)


嘉宾 : Aiken Leung | Solace Financial Services Innovation VP

会议室 : 会议室6


专题演讲嘉宾:Aiken Leung

Solace Financial Services Innovation VP

Dr Aiken Leung is VP of Financial Services Innovation from Solace. Aiken is an evangelist and architect in distributed architecture, hybrid cloud solutions, edge computing and their applications in Financial Services industry across Asia Pacific and Europe, . He has been working with major banks and Fintech companies in designing open market data platform and open banking platform.

Aiken has nearly 30 years of hardware and software design, development and project management experience. Started with a career in the UK, Aiken worked on applications for human genetic research before working on the largest civilian IT project in the world - the UK National Health Service (NHS) project. He then worked for BEA and Oracle middleware teams prior joining Solace.

Aiken has a Doctorate Degree in Biomedical Engineering and an MBA from Oxford, UK. His research expertise was on medical imaging and acoustic modelling of human respiratory system.



演讲:Meshing up Open Platforms for Financial Services(英文演讲)

Digital transformation is pushing new generation of banking and financial services platforms to go Open and Agile. The need to accommodate huge volume of data and events generated from mobile apps and IoT platforms is already a great challenge, and yet how can you apply realtime analytics on such data and on hybrid cloud environments?

There are many open banking platforms around the world but when it comes to enterprise grade scalability, extendability and reliability, many of them failed to live up to their expectation in production. What is missing?

Gartner is stressing the importance of event driven business with event driven architecture, why is it also paramount for financial services industry and how can it be done in a cool way?

So can we build a platform to answer the above questions?



  1. Key elements to digital transformation in financial services industry
  2. Defining an Open and Agile banking platform
  3. Different aspect of a distributed platform
  4. Open platform components
  5. Edge computing in financial industry


  1. What is event mesh and event driven microservices
  2. What is a truly distributed banking platform
  3. How to apply IoT platform design concept to financial services


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