API Gateways - The Good, the Bad and the Ugly(英文演讲)


嘉宾 : James (Jim) Gough | Morgan Stanley Executive Director

会议室 : 宴会厅2


专题演讲嘉宾:James (Jim) Gough

Morgan Stanley Executive Director

James (Jim) Gough is an Executive Director and a developer at Morgan Stanley where he’s been dedicated to building customer-facing technologies. A Java developer and an author, Jim first became interested in Java during his degree program at the University of Warwick; After graduating, he became a member of the London Java Community. Community has remained central to Jim’s contributions that include working on the design and testing of JSR-310, as well as serving on the Java Community Process Executive Committee for several years. Jim is a regular conference speaker and has spent four years teaching Java and C++ around the world.


演讲:API Gateways - The Good, the Bad and the Ugly(英文演讲)

Microservices are everywhere and when implemented properly can give significant architectural advantages. However there’s also the counter to this where concerns are not thought through and the bad or even ugly side of Microservices can emerge.

API Gateways are a key architectural pattern that solves a whole range of problems including routing and even security. They can be used off the shelf without considering the various factors and features - until you find yourself in a gun slinging outage.

We look at the reasons you should use an API Gateway, the patterns you can use and the problems it will solve for you. We will talk about the technical implementation details and concerns that are addressed in code for building API Gateways and the ugly side of getting things wrong. We will explore how testing with Gateways and Microservices is key, and cover the use of test containers and chaos engineering to ensure your ecosystem works as planned and scales effectively. After this talk you won’t be on the Wild West side of Microservices.


API 网关作为一种新颖的架构形式,可以解决从路由设计到网络安全等诸多方面的一系列问题。API 网关可以开箱即用,令人欣喜,但如果你毫无顾忌地把它直接应用于任何系统,那么某天你可能会陷入令人手足无措的系统崩溃。

本场演讲中,我们将为你解读 API 网关的正确打开方式——在什么情况下应该使用 API 网关?具体如何使用?它可以帮你解决哪些问题?我们将探讨 API 网关构建过程中代码层面的技术细节和考量点,并揭示一些使用不当造成的常见弊端。我们将向你展示测试在网关和微服务使用中的重要性,同时,我们将带你探索测试容器和混沌工程的使用,从而确保你的系统生态可以正常运行并得到有效扩展。本场演讲之后,微服务于你将不再是未知领域。


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