Cloud and Container

所属专题:Morgan Stanley: Enterprise FinTech

嘉宾 : Mostafa Afifi | Executive Director Head of China Infrastructure @Morgan Stanley Shanghai

会议室 : 百宴厅4


专题演讲嘉宾:Mostafa Afifi

Executive Director Head of China Infrastructure @Morgan Stanley Shanghai

Mostafa Afifi is the Head of China Infrastructure and oversees the infrastructure services support China, and the local team supporting our global business.

Mostafa has relocated to China in 2016, and has previously worked in London and New York where he’s led Virtualization efforts globally until 2010.

He holds an MEng from Imperial College London in Computing & Software Engineering.


演讲:Cloud and Container

To adopt cloud in a global and heavily regulated company, you need extraordinary ingenuity.

Cloud introduces an agility that can immensely benefit our company, where time-to-market can be king, and an ability to fail fast and fail forward significant.

The challenges of introducing and adopting cloud are enormous, with hundreds of regulators, vast and complex infrastructure, and more than 8,000 applications.  This session will provide an overview of the benefits of cloud, our challenges in utilizing it, and how we are solving the problem with cutting edge innovation, the open source community, and research with China’s top universities.


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