Not Just for FinTech Start-ups: Agile/DevOps in a Large Regulated Financial Services Institution

所属专题:Morgan Stanley : Enterprise FinTech

嘉宾 : (1) 张晓光 | 摩根士丹利执行董事 (2) 虞帆 | 摩根士丹利副总裁 (3) 张一帆 | 摩根士丹利副总裁 (4) Daniel M. Szentimrey-Harrach | Morgan StanleyVice President

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专题演讲嘉宾:Daniel M. Szentimrey-Harrach

Morgan Stanley Vice President

Daniel is an IT professional with international working experience starting his career in New York, later moving to Europe, then relocating to Asia. From a hands-on developer working on an enterprise grade software delivery solution, he transformed to a developer lead owning a number of critical infrastructure components for Morgan Stanley. Daniel is passionate about quality, continuous improvement, and automation, constantly looking for innovative solutions to make things faster, more reliable, and easier to use. He’s an experienced solution architect focusing on infrastructure stability and high availability in a complex globally distributed environment.


演讲:Not Just for FinTech Start-ups: Agile/DevOps in a Large Regulated Financial Services Institution

Over the past decade, financial services firms like Morgan Stanley have adopted Agile and DevOps practices in varying levels of maturity – including Scrum/Kanban, TDD and automation. However, there remain many challenges and opportunities appearing to get in the way of continuous deployment: a rigid and constantly changing regulatory environment, a global platform with highly complex dependencies, teams dispersed over multiple time zones, as well as on-vs-offshore development centers. In this session, our technologists will share some case studies to demonstrate how Morgan Stanley enables Agile/DevOps from perspectives of continuous integration, delivery and deployment. We are very excited to embark on this new journey, and we look forward to your participation.


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