Software Defined Storage at Morgan Stanley(英文演讲)

所属专题:Morgan Stanley : Enterprise FinTech

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演讲:Software Defined Storage at Morgan Stanley(英文演讲)

Risk management is an extremely important discipline for large financial services companies. Supporting such a discipline often requires large scale (hundreds of thousands of cores) grid services. To scale up grid services that have common data sets is a challenge, and requires extraordinary ingenuity on how the network and storage solutions are designed.

Software defined storage introduces new technology that can provide orders of magnitude more performance and throughput at the same price point as existing enterprise storage solutions.

This session will provide an overview of the business challenges of risk calculation, the requirements for grid services, challenges in scaling them up, the challenges of managing a large and complex storage infrastructure in the dozens of petabytes of storage, and how it’s being solved with cutting edge innovation and technology.

We will start with a  brief background on some of the financial problems that lend themselves to grid computing paradigm and drove us to require a scalable storage solution. From there we will dive into some of the technical complexities that come with trying to solve this problem, along with general complexity of managing a large scale environment. We will then discuss the design considerations that went into our software defined storage solution, along with the payoffs and benefits that we are now seeing from them.


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