Write the Code You Want

所属专题:Morgan Stanley : Enterprise FinTech

嘉宾 : (1) 何巍 | 摩根士丹利执行董事 (2) 陈诚 | 摩根士丹利副总裁

会议室 : 宴会厅2



摩根士丹利 执行董事




一个计算机程序算法的爱好者。像 Dijkstra 和并查集这样的算法,除了在面试时候派得上用场,也许就只有在象牙塔里被束之高阁了吧?不,只需要一双善于观察和发现的眼睛。



摩根士丹利 副总裁



演讲:Write the Code You Want

Building upon the discussion in the prior session that introduces Scala as a functional programming language on JVM (Java Virtual Machine) and its fundamental elements of its power, this session will provide a concrete example in code by illustrating those key concepts. Focusing on a simple and natural extension that Morgan Stanley built via Scala’s compiler plugin mechanism, and relating the syntax to its corresponding semantics, especially its optimized program behavior at runtime while being succinct in source form, an essential analysis will be conducted to show how the afore-mentioned benefits can be realized, for example general-purpose caching, asynchronous I/O, harnessing multi-core, and distribution of calculation, etc. Various classical optimization techniques can be applied without changing the source program text, so that it remains clear in terms of logic and intent, while only annotation is necessary for those optimization to materialize, thus maintaining the correctness when we optimize. All these make it possible for Morgan Stanley to run large-scale complex analyses on grids of machines, with predictable performance, to achieve demanding SLA (Service Level Agreement), in an ever-changing market.


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